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You are looking for something new, aren’t you? For parties and self-indulgent fun. You are bored of old, traditional clubs and you feel like you need something more youthful, modern and lighter. We have good news.
The newest and also trendiest night club in Budapest, Club Heart, is now open. It was designed specifically to match the taste of a younger audience.

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At our club, we pay special attention to carefully selecting our dancers. Since they are largely responsible for the high-quality entertainment of our guests, it is our priority to make sure that only the most dedicated, patient and intelligent girls can get these jobs, not to mention the sexy appearance.

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Safe Fun

We are aware that some clubs in Budapest do not think that way we do and sometimes tourists who don’t exercise caution get into trouble. The owners of our club have been working at the frontier of fair and transparent catering services for 20 years and they have been fighting against practices that do not fit this description.

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Predictable Costs! If you want to plan your costs to have fun and save money at the same time, choose one of our discount vouchers. Our vouchers include the entry price, unlimited drinks, our Silver voucher available for 90 minutes, and our Gold and Platinum vouchers for the whole night. Click for details.

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Lounge atmosphere, themed nights, young and nice staff, and beautiful Hungarian dancers guarantee that no-one is going to break your heart in the Heart; on the contrary!

There are no overpriced drinks in the Heart, no Coco Jambo blasting from the speakers, no old burned-out waitresses serving extremely expensive drinks, and what is the most important, you can enjoy yourself in the highest safety.

The Heart is the embodiment of everything that was missing from the strip clubs of Budapest.

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Due to its modern, cosy design and size, you can feel like you are at a house party every night. Our young but professional staff, who speak multiple languages, is working only to make sure that you are comfortable and are having fun. It is very important to use to create an atmosphere where you can feel like you are surrounded by friends and there is nothing between you and a fun night out. We live for the party. Our goal is to make sure that our guests feel like they are in the middle of a party and not in a boring strip club and we do everything to make this a reality.

The Heart is the latest colourful addition to the party life of Budapest, where the prices are on the floor and the only limit for the fun is the sky.

We do not make compromises when it comes to the standard of entertainment but we match our prices to the wallets of our young guests. We are striving to ensure that the “Heart Feeling” is accessible to everyone regardless of financial situation. We don’t want anyone to say, “I cannot afford this”.

Because you deserve this too!

You have to see and experience the Heart. It is a must, you can’t miss it if you are in Budapest.

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